Alumni Relations 101

Resource and Support Information for Faculty, Staff,
Alumni and Student Groups

The Office of Alumni and Constituent Relations (OACR) has designed procedures for campus constituencies to guide partnerships and cross-campus collaborations to encourage engagement with Wentworth’s alumni population. If you need further information, please call our team at 617-989-4156.

Alumni Contact Information and Updates

All departments are encouraged to share positive news or alumni updates with OACR. All public alumni news is shared with the Alumni Association through the Class Notes feature in the monthly alumni e-newsletter. Additionally, news of alumni accomplishments and milestones are often acknowledged by letter from the Institute.
Advancement Services maintains the database of graduates of Wentworth. Our Advancement Services professionals manage the data and the alumni relations team coordinates all aspects of communications and outreach. In addition, student clubs, departments, athletics, and clubs should send any currently-housed information to Advancement Services so that the Institute continues to build a strong database, enabling us to reach out to specific groups of alumni in the future.

collected by any department, Athletics, student clubs, and other campus entities should routinely be sent to Advancement Services through No shadow databases should be kept by any department or group.

Share your alumni news or updates here >> ONLINE FORM

Events Overview

The Office of Alumni and Constituent Relation’s is very interested in partnering to plan alumni activities on campus and beyond. Our office seeks to be aware of, and included in, all alumni engagement efforts. We are here to assist with planning events and to promote to the alumni directly. Please note that three to four months’ notice and planning is necessary for most events to be successful.

OACR can partner with your department by:

• Receiving requests for alumni data through the Advancement Services policy
• Help to prepare invitations and use an online registration system
• Promoting the event on the alumni website calendar and in the monthly e-newsletter
• Share best practices in alumni event planning
• Sharing your work and successes in the alumni e-newsletter
• Creating online registration forms, attendee lists, and follow-up surveys
• Managing registration fees
• Potentially provide raffle items for alumni guests

Your department is asked to:
• Share any alumni contact information with Advancement Services prior to sending invitations
• Provide contact information of alumni that is collected at the event back to OACR
• Send OACR photos of the event for use in social media, etc.
• Work with key campus constituents to promote and plan the event
• Personally reach out to alumni you are in contact with to encourage attendance
• Provide alumni speaker gifts (consultation with alumni staff, if necessary)
• Follow the timeline below to ensure proper project management
• Thank the alumnus for visiting campus!


Inform us of your event/opportunity >> ONLINE FORM

Share news of alumni from your department or department news with The Office of Alumni and Constituent Relations so we can promote through:

Departments and student clubs are encouraged to send out information, event invitations and newsletters to our graduates. These requests take at least three weeks to prepare given the volume of communications that alumni receive from the Institute. Please plan accordingly. Information can be shared usually sooner via alumni social media channels but requests should all be made in advance using the online form.

• Alumni social media platforms
• Alumni Website (
• Alumni monthly e-newsletter
• WIT Magazine, if applicable
• Print postcards or event registration mailers

Our team reserves the right to determine the best way to communicate your efforts based on time and your department budget. 

Create your communications request >> ONLINE FORM

Request for Alumni Speakers

 The Office of Alumni Relations would like to build a bank of graduates willing to help with campus projects, networking events, departmental activities, speaking engagements and more. Departments and student clubs can request assistance in planning an event involving an alumni speaker. We welcome and encourage your ideas, so that we can promote the opportunities to our alumni population. Alumni can serve as moderators of discussions, panelists, classroom or keynote speakers. Invitations to alumni take about six weeks to coordinate.

To discuss further, email Susan Green, Executive Director of Alumni and Constituent Relations at 

Hosting Alumni on Campus

 Alumni guests on campus are considered our highest priority! We want to thank our alumni who travel to Wentworth to help with activities and programs that benefit our students. Please let us know about your alumni visitors at least a week in advance. We would appreciate the opportunity to promote their involvement and thank them for their service to campus efforts.

To discuss further, email Susan Green, Executive Director of Alumni and Constituent Relations at

Office of Alumni and Constituent Relations (OACR)
Event Processes & Timeline for Campus Partnerships

The Office of Alumni and Constituent Relations (OACR) welcomes campus partnerships and collaborations to plan events that will strengthen the Wentworth community. OACR has designed a planning timeline, and implemented cost measures, for the execution of successful, fiscally-responsible events. OACR can provide support with event planning regardless of size and scale, through collaboration, and role and expense-sharing.

Role of Campus Partners

4 months prior to event -
• Campus Partner - meet with OACR team to discuss event:
• Goal (network, social, educational, fundraise, etc.)
• Identify targeted constituencies
• Determine date, location and venue
• Type of invitation - mailed, emailed, alumni newsletter, social media-driven
• Discuss budget and division of resources (monetary and staffing)

3 months prior to event -
OACR: pulls data lists from Millenium
• design collateral and share for review - posters, mailers, invitation, etc.
• send Save the Date (where applicable)
•  books venue, catering, photography, linens, floral (where applicable)

2 months prior to event -

• Send invitation through mail and/or iMods with Campus Partner cost-sharing • Campus Partner:
• Submit any necessary campus paperwork (request to serve alcohol, media services, physical plant, etc.)

1 month prior to event -
• OACR provides weekly RSVP updates from iMods registration site
• Campus Partner provides event volunteer names and roles
• Campus Partner meets with OACR on final logistics - catering, timing, staffing, printing, etc.

2 weeks prior to event -

• Campus Partner confirms volunteers
• If OACR will partner with Campus Partner to staff the event, OACR prepares staffing plan and conducts pre-event meeting for volunteers
• OACR confirms catering and venue
• OACR or Campus Partner produces name tags (to be determined)

1 week prior to event -
• For all events registering guests outside of OACR’s iMods system, and serving alcohol, Campus Partner will send final guest list to OACR no later than one week before the event per new City of Boston on-campus alcohol policy

Day of Event -

• OACR and Campus Partner set up at venue (where applicable)
• Campus Partner staffs event, with OACR assistance where applicable

Event Follow Up
• OACR sends survey to attendees, including Campus Partner-designed questions
• OACR provides survey results to Campus Partner
• OACR and Campus Partner conduct debrief and event review

Event Fee and Staffing Structure

To ensure cost and resource sharing, the following will apply:

1. OACR and Campus Partners will discuss the sharing of specific event costs, to include venue, catering, entertainment, floral, linens, and printing/mailing associated with marketing the event and invitation distribution.
2. Receptions on or off-campus can include a per-head fee (where applicable) which will be determined by event type and associated costs.
3. Through pre-event discussion, OACR and Campus Partners will share event revenue.
4. Events will include a 2-drink-ticket maximum per person for beer or wine; no hard alcohol. Champagne may be included at events, where appropriate.
5. OACR staff will assist with staffing events that include registration of 25 or more Wentworth alumni (excluding guests), or if otherwise discussed.
6. On campus events utilizing Chartwells will make every effort to pick up food and bring to the location, rather than having it delivered, producing a substantial savings in event catering costs.
7. Giveaway Items - case by case basis. If newly-designed for specific event, Campus Partner assumes cost. If in conjunction with Athletics or WAA, discussion will take place and plan regarding cost made accordingly.