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Student Scholarship Recipient Contributes to Vaccination Research

Jane Ostberg

Jane Ostberg    
Biomedical Engineering    
Class Year 2024    
Hudson, NH    

Jane is currently a biomedical engineering junior from Hudson, NH. She has worked extremely hard over the years to be able to get to where she is now. Jane is studying biomedical engineering because she wants to have influence in both a mechanical and a medical way.

Jane is a busy and involved student, participating on the Women's Soccer team, the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, and the American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. She also received the Outstanding Sophomore Leadership Award. 

One of her many work accomplishments while studying at Wentworth include contributing to building a new type of vaccination device at DEKA Research & Development. She is also looking forward to conducting failure analysis on heart valves and pumps at Abiomed starting in January 2023. 

Jane is extremely grateful to be a part of the Wentworth community and is very thankful for the scholarship support she receives. As the grateful recipient of the Edward C. Stickney Scholarship, Jane shared that she has spent many long hours worrying about paying for school and how she would be able to afford to earn a degree. As a student paying for her studies on her own, the award of this endowed scholarship is much appreciated, and she is hopeful to be able to pay to pay it forward by helping other students in the future.