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Tedi Qafko, Donald F. Hodgdon Memorial Scholarship Recipient

Tedi Qafko

Tedi Qafko
Electrical Engineering ‘24    
Quincy, MA    

Tedi Qafko is a hardworking student studying Electrical Engineering with plans to graduate next year.
He shared that receiving an endowed scholarship has provided him with an opportunity to pursue a dream of graduating from college and doing what he loves. He has immersed himself in his studies and carved time to participate in extracurricular activities.

Tedi has taken on the challenge of leading the IEEE Wentworth Club to help other students become more involved in technology fields. In this role, he is leading three interesting projects. The first is a project whereby the students in the IEEE Wentworth Club are working to send a satellite to low-earth orbit to take pictures of earth. The second involves setting up a swarm of hundreds of synchronized drones to create a drone show over the Wentworth Quad. The third is building an underwater vehicle that can swim in open water to improve the exploration of the deep sea. 
Tedi also spends time outside of his studies creating workshops for fellow students to help them learn how to design, how to program microchips, and how to use innovative software like Arduino, SolidWorks, Fusion 360, etc.    

Tedi is a recipient of the Donald F. Hodgdon Memorial Scholarship, a fund that has supported many students over the years after being established through an estate gift. Tedi expressed his gratitude to a family member of Mr. Hodgdon by sharing that this financial assistance has made a tremendous difference in his ability to pursue higher education and look towards a rewarding career.

Wentworth greatly appreciates the many generous donors who provide financial assistance to students at the university. This support can be life-changing for students and families.