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The information provided on this page will help you transition from student to alumni regarding your Wentworth account.

Alumni Technology Offboarding FAQ

  • Email

    • Outlook will remain available for one year after commencement and will be converted into a forwarding address. A forwarding address will forward all emails sent to your Wentworth email, to a personal email of your choice. Please complete the form that is sent to your Wentworth email with the subject “Action Required - Keep Your WIT Email Address!!” to set up a forwarding address.
    • Please back up all your contacts. Some of your contacts may be tied to your Wentworth account and you will lose your contacts when your Wentworth email is deactivated. For instructions on how to back up your contacts, please visit
    • Please change your preferred email address for any services (Two-Factor Authentication, Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, etc,.) that you have signed up for using your Wentworth email.
    • Please forward all important emails to your personal email address. When your account expires, all contents of your outlook mailbox will also be deleted and irrecoverable.


  • Storage

    • OneDrive will remain available for one year after commencement date.
    • Google drive will be closed immediately after commencement date.
    • We strongly recommend that you back up your data and stored contents into a physical storage drive (USB HDD or USB SSD) or to a separate cloud storage provider.
      • It is important to confirm that your files have been transferred and that you can successfully open them.


  • Wentworth Laptop (Enrolled prior to Fal 2022)

    • Before your account expires, please ensure that you have backed up all your data using the suggested storage methods above. When your Wentworth account expires, you will be completely locked out of your Wentworth Laptop. Please follow these instructions on how to remove Wentworth from your Wentworth Laptop after graduation: 
    • As part of the laptop agreement, your laptop is gifted to you after commencement. This means that you are fully responsible for the maintenance and repair of your laptop. The Tech Spot will not accept alumni laptops for repairs and services.
  • Academic Software

    All academic software that is provided through Wentworth will be deactivated after commencement.

  • Campus Wireless Network

    Following commencement, you will no longer be able to connect to our campus wireless network (eduroam). Visiting alum can connect to LeopardGuest when on campus.

  • Office 365

    The Microsoft Office Suite, which includes Word, Excel, and Access, will be granted up to one year after commencement. After one year, you will no longer be able to access the suite.

  • Borrowed Equipment

    Any equipment or technology provided by Wentworth needs to be returned prior to, or shortly after commencement.

  • Password Changes

    You will be able to reset your password up until your account expired. Password resets can be made over the phone with a Tech Spot agent, or if you have enrolled in self-service password reset, you can reset it yourself here: